About The Artist

Sarah Ann Larson is a self-taught artist living in Tempe, Arizona. Sarah taught herself how to paint when she was homebound due to a back injury. Since she was unable to go to work, she decided to try painting to kill time, and now she can’t put her paint brushes away! Sarah is an internationally selling artist, and her paintings have found homes all around the world. She creates impressionistic paintings that have a magical and fairytale feel. People often refer to her art as whimsical, dreamy, vibrant, and refreshing. Sarah has gained popularity in her own community, and has her original paintings on display at several local businesses. Sarah specializes in portrait commissions, which are all hand-drawn and created with the limitless possibilities of her imagination!

Sarah lived in foster homes for the first seven years of her life, and her background as a foster child has shaped her creative process.  Dealing with difficult emotions such as fear of abandonment has been a lifelong battle for Sarah, but her art has been a grounding tool which has defined her purpose and strengthened her self-confidence as a child of God.